Daily Anagram Maker Puzzle

So you think you can find anagrams? Fantastic... then you'll love our daily anagram generator puzzle.

The premise of this exercise is pretty simple. We're going to show you some letters below. Got a pen and pencil handy? Excellent.... get ready to scribble down as many anagrams of the word as you can dream up!

Can you find them all? Are you ready to check? Maybe check your work one last time, to make sure you find all the anagrams. No peeking at our anagram finder. And feel free to print off the anagram puzzle and solve it over a cup of coffee. This is all for good fun, of course...

When you're ready, just hit "show solution" and our anagram maker will show you the words you can make from these letters.


Hint: We Could Find:22 words.

Benefits of Solving Anagram Puzzles

There are actually several different types of intelligence involved in word games. Playing hangman exercises your pattern matching skills - given a certain set of letters, find items that could logically fill the gaps.

Anagram solving requires a different type of thinking, understanding how to sort groups into different sets. This is closer to spatial reasoning, being able to look at different combinations and permutations of letters. Pattern recognition can still help, of course: use it to spot opportunities to iterate through a set of the words you can build off a root word. This is a particularly powerful tactic for playing games such as boggle or wordgrids: find a single base word and whip through the different variants of that word by changing tense, making it an adjective / adverb, or turning it into a plural or possessive. Or even combining different suffixes to generate additional words.